Patxikuenea is the name of a 200+ year old farmhouse in the Basque Country that was converted into our family’s restaurant over 40 years ago.  Located in the foothills of Mount Jaizkibel, it is located in a quiet setting, surrounded by lush green meadows and trees on the outskirts of the town of Lezo.

We offer three cozy air-conditioned rooms: two classical dining rooms whose original stone walls and wooden beams have an authentic rustic feel, and a third room whose floor to ceiling windows can open on warmer days to create an outdoor patio. All three areas allow our guests to enjoy their lunch and dinner in a welcoming environment.

We also have an outdoor terrace where our guests can enjoy an aperitif or finish their meal with a nice coffee or a cocktail.  Our restaurant is wheelchair accessible, and we offer ample parking and a grassy knoll where children can play while their parents enjoy a relaxing after-dinner conversation.
We specialize in helping our guests have an enjoyable, memorable visit.

Our History



From its debut on November 5th, 1973 Patxiku Enea’s barbecue grill has been working non-stop, ever since the young, newly engaged couple of Emilio Manterola and Maria Angeles Legorburu decided to embark on the adventure of creating a steakhouse. Having grown weary that the farm’s cows produced plenty of milk but little money, they converted the farm to a restaurant.  Their immediate success made them realize that they were unable to absorb to enormous the workload alone, so Emilio asked for help from members of his family who did not hesitate to lend a hand to their little brother.  Emilio Manterola Maria Angeles Legorburu, Jose Maria Manterola, along with with Miren Arrillaga, Manuel Manterola with Carmen Arbelaiz, and Patxi Manterola created Patxikuenea.   We must not forget to mention someone of great importance, Amoña (Grandmother) Mrs. Maria Olaizola and her saying which marked me as a child: “It’s very easy, you just have to know. “Although it may seem a bit of an arrogant phrase,  the true meaning of what my Amoña (Grandmother) wanted to say is that the work of others may seem easy until you try to do it yourself, and you realize how difficult it really is…

As a child, I asked my father: Why Patxikuenea? And he recounted how a grandfather of his, named Patxi, who was a very large and well-known man in the area, lived in the farmhouse which came to be known as Patxiku (meaning where Patxi lives in the Basque language).  All the while the farmhouse’s real name (in the Basque tradition of naming each farmhouse) was Saizarburu.  Hence the name was already chosen before starting.

Today Patxiku Enea has had to modernize and “get a little prettier” but we never deviate from our philosophy that people who come to visit us leave us feeling happy, and that our house becomes your house.

We are not very fond of public recognition, and the best prize that we can receive is the visits of our “friends”.  Nevertheless, in 2014 we were awarded the prize as the best barbecue grill (steakhouse??) restaurant for all of Spain at Gastronomika held in San Sebastian.

Aitor Manterola & Iñaki Legorburu complement each other in the kitchen working side by side on the grills, and both are committed to cooking meat & fish to perfection.